Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cleopatra Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Elizabeth Taylor Circa1963

Happy fall !
Here is another Halloween makeup tutorial !
I had so much fun doing this Cleopatra look and i really hope that who ever views this video enjoys it as much i enjoyed filming it. This Cleopatra look was inspired by the role of Miss. Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. I think She looked Stunning in this movie. As soon as i knew i wanted to do a Cleopatra Halloween Tutorial I immediately googled Her role and i found some amazing stills of the movie, i wish i can use them all :) . Well let me show you a few pictures that inspired me to do this look:

Elizabeth Taylor is such a timeless Beauty ♥

So here is my interpretation and final look

Like I said, I had a lot of fun doing this look. I know it's not perfect but "Practice makes perfect" and i intend to practice and keep on doing what i enjoy doing :) . I hope i get to see your interpretation of the look. I hope this was helpful to whom ever looks at my video and read my blog.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Family Fun Day

Hello Readers,
 So a few of the people I am subscribed to on Youtube have done a lot of really awesome videos. The ones that i think are different and neat are the ones were they film themselves getting ready for the day.
So i decided to do one of my own. So i just uploaded my very first " Come get ready with me video". Today is Sunday witch means that i will be spending ALL day with my family and celebrating my little brothers 21st bday at dave and busters. I really enjoy time spent with them i couldn't ask for a better family. Anyways here are some pictures of my final look.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Edition: Geisha Tutorial

I had so much fun doing my first EVER Halloween makeup tutorial. I really wanted to do a fun and some what easy look using afortable items that you can find at your local drug store. I had to go to walgreens one night to get some milk for my son, the make up section is right at the entrance so i had to take a quick peek :) . i found a section of halloween items and i found this awesome pallet they had the one i purchased and two other ones i believe that I'm thinking about picking up soon.
Here are some pictures of the pallet i used and a few pictures of my finished looked.
Thank You so much to everyone who views my videos on youtube and reads my blog i really appreciate it ♡.

               Here are a few pictures that inspired me to do this look.

I had so much fun doing this looks. I have another Halloween makeup tutorial coming up soon.

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Much love