Monday, August 22, 2011

Nails of the day.

I really never have time to do my nails anymore and i love to do my nails and have nice manicured hands. So on sunday i had a little time to get ready and have some ME time before we had to head out to my cousins 18th birthday party. 
Here are a few pictures of the way i descided to do my nails and the products i used. 
I hope everyone enjoys this post and gets a little inspired to do there nails as well :) . 
I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

ULTA Color My World Make up Tutorial

Hello my lovely readers. So today i was inspired by three eyeshadow colors that you can find at ULTA. I wanted to do a tutorial but I wasn't sure what colors i wanted to use or what exactly i wanted to do. So i took out my ULTA color my world 73 blockbuster set that i had purchased last year. I really think this product was totally worth it. I really liked how this look turned out i even got compliments from my family :) . I hope you guys enjoy this look and it inspires you to wear this same look out or something similar. Remember have fun !

Here are up close and personal pictures of the finish look.

I hope you guys enjoy this look just as much as I did. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspirations of the week

Hello My lovely readers,
 So I have been super inspired by a few things this week well maybe for a month now so i though that maybe it would be a cool idea if i do an inspirations of the week for my blog. If it ends up being to difficult for me to keep up ill start doing inspirations of the month. But for now here are the pictures for this week.

I'm so in love with Elephants EVERYTHING and the meaning behind them.

I love pastel nail polish colors there so soft and feminin ♡

I got this Revlon Soft nude color about 4 months ago and i LOVE it i wear it almost every day with some clear gloss or a pink gloss.

I love braided hair its a fun way to do your hair when you are in a hurry. I think ill be doing a tutorial on this soon :)

Shirts,sweaters, shoes skirts shirts purses. I love native American patterns they are so pretty and the fact they can tell a story is amazing.

I have been in love with The galaxy's for a while now my boyfriend and i got a huge book at our local borders for 9.99 when it was closing down.

Crystals and rocks are on my must have list i think forever lol i make jewelery when i get a chance and i went to my secret spot and got crystals and rocks and gold chains and ring bands to make some pretty sick peaces I'm so excited to get started on them.

I know i know this has nothing to do with beauty or fashion but i do have a one year old son and this is a blog about just life so i though i would add something that i cant leave the house with out if my son is with me.
He adores on the go snacks he loves the ones pictured and the cheerios and the organic puffs. This are so helpful when mommy and daddy have to run errands or when he is watching his favorite t.v shows or movie.

 Well i hope you enjoyed this blog and i promise i will try and up date this more often :)
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Review

So today i uploaded a video review on the Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy cream. Everything i say in the video that i will be posting below is 100% true and my experience with this product and brand. I will be honest i was so worried that this product wasn't going to work and for it to cost $34.00 made me worry even more. So as i was strolling down the isle at my local Target(I LOVE THIS STORE) I ended up in the lotion isle and found Mederma ive seen camercials for this product before and always rolled my eyes thinking to myself "ha! this comercial just lied to so many people" but i desided to take a chance since it was on sale for about 30 bucks i believe. So that same night i got it i tried it out. For the next four weeks i had my routine going just the way the box told me to do put a good amount every morning and night. Let me tell you by the fourth or fifth week i was already seeing results! the stretch marks looked lighter and to my surprise even completely gone in some areas! I was so happy and couldn't wait for this to me over. well its been about a month and a few weeks and i still have a little left in my bottle and my stretch marks looks sooooo good and almost completely gone. So i hope this helps all the beautiful mommy's out there or even the woman and men who got stretch marks and just CAN'T live with them.

This is a picture that is on the box of the different stretch marks people had and the results.

Here is the link to the Mederma Web page:

And of course here is the link to my Review :)

Thank You to who ever reads this and please don't be shy, lets follow each other :)
I hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend !