Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Night Out ♡

So On Thursday i went on a date night with my boyfriend and we decided to go to the movies and watch TRON and let me tell you i seriously LOVED this movie hands down. I loved the first one as well so i wasn't surprised that i enjoyed this one as well.
The one and only Jeff "The Dude" Bridges did such a wonderful job as well as the other cast members :). Disney and the director Joseph Kosinski did such a awesome job with this movie :) .
Now to the soundtrack, Daft Punk was responsible for the amazing soundtrack that keeps you bobbing your head as soon as a song starts two thumbs up guys on the soundtrack for sure !

There is a Starbucks right next to the movie theater we went to so we though hey let so get out favorite drink and get some popcorn once we get in. Well i guess they don't allow any out side food into the theater anymore ( even though my bf and i clearly saw the door guy let some chicks in with food) ANYWAYS we ended up putting out drinks in my purse and walking right in.
My bf got us some popcorn and nachos with cheese and jalapenos on the side ( mmmmmm goood)

Out side of the theater their is a little park with a a big tree they light up every year on a certain day( we missed the tree lighting this year ) The tree is unbelievably huge but it look so pretty every year ♡ and the decoration that they had around the movie theater were just as pretty.

Here is the trailer just in case you haven't seen it yet :)

Well all in all it was a great night with my bf and date night was a success for sure :)
I hope you guys had a great new years and may this new year bring many blessing to all of you and nothing but positive energy in your lives