Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Go On Treat Yourself"

So a few months back i found a few things at Walgreen's i picked up some peel off mask's by Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks . The Deep Cleansing Passion Peel Off, Chocolate Mud Masque, Warm Exfoliating Crystal Masque, and Cucumber Purifying Peel-Off Masque felt wonderful on my skin, and smelled delicious, too. The masks were easy to apply and remove and left my skin feeling smooth and refreshing. At around $2.25 each, these are affordable products you can even sometimes find them for .99 like i did . They would make great stocking stuffer's, too!

So as i applied the chocolate mask i couldn't help but want to eat it, it smelled just like chocolate frosting you would put on a cake :) .

I highly recommend this product to anyone and EVERYONE!

I will post a few photos of what the products looks like

God bless
☝I look silly LoL

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hook Burger Bistro

Last Friday My boyfriend and i went to eat at a new place called Hook Burger Bistro.
As we arrived we both got a little worried because we didn't know if they would have anything for us to eat(since we are both vegetarians). As we opened the doors we were greeted by a very nice worker. Hook's Decor is amazing and so modern i would have definitely been a little bummed if they didn't offer anything for us to eat. To be honest with you when we looked at the menu we totally were about to walk out b/c we didn't see anything but i asked a worker and he said we can order any burger on the menu with a veggie burger my eyes lit up and i had a smile from ear to ear.

I ordered a Bistro Burger: Roasted red peppers and onion, melted jack, avocado,lettuce tomato and honey Dijon mayo with a side order of sweet potato fries and a coke.
My boyfriend got the same thing minus the onion's and a side order of regular fries and a Perrier.

The service is awesome and the workers are super nice They come up to the table and ask how things are and if you need anything else(like a re-feel) but they give you space :) .
The owner or manager also came up to us and asked how we liked the veggie burger and to our surprise hes vegetarian as well :) .

I give this place an A for great food,presentation and service i will defiantly go again soon and even take the rest of my family.

I hope hook burger is blessed with many years.
Cheers to good joints like Hook.

here is a link with information on the place:

Good bless


Here is our food mmmmmmm!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Minx Nails

So i was super inspired by a few people like LADY GAGA, katy perry, rihanna, Beyonce and Blake Lively and the beautiful Minx nails they have been rocking. I couldn't find the actual Minx color that i wanted witch was a metallic minx (like the one i saw blake lively wearing) so i went to the next best thing.
I went to Sally Beauty Supply and i found some awesome metallic nails ( ill have some pictures up)
the nails that i liked were a little to long for my liking so i also purchased a nail file for acrylic nails and some glue since the nails i got came with adhesive tabs instead of glue.
So since i have a sally Beauty Supply card( its only five dollars and it last you a whole year!)
The price on the nail file and glue had a discount price.
So here are the prices of the items i purchased:

Nail Bliss nails in Metallic were $5.39
Beauty Secrets Fast drying nail glue $1.59
Beauty Secrets washable/sanitizable nail file for acrylic nails $0.89

So so far ive had the nails on for a few hours and i love them ive been getting possitive reactions from my family and friends.
They are truly a conversation starter :)
If you want to find out how easy it was to put them on take a look at my video on my youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/SprinklesCupCakeLove.

Ill be posting some pictures of the products i purchased and the after math of my nails.

Have a great weekend everyone
God Bless


Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Tube

So for the past month or so ive actually finally had the guts to film and upload about 4 videos of me doing a few make up, hair tutorials and a how to video as well.
Its so exciting to see the number of views each of my videos have even if it is 2 LoL.
I hope to make more videos to come.
Thank You to everyone who has watched my videos now if i can get a few followers on my blog :)
Here are some pictures of what ive done so far.

Selena Gomez- A year with out rain

DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial(inspired by cocorosa)
These are just two of the videos i have uploaded if you would like to see the other ones feel free to check out my youtube account.

Thank you for reading and watching
God Bless