Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Einstein

Last week i bough my son this Baby Einstein activity play set. It is amazing and he seem to enjoy it very much. When i turn the light on and it plays the music he cant stop kicking and smiling.
I wanted to have this item for a while before i blogged about it to make sure i really enjoyed it and though it was work it.

The second item is a lights and melodies mirror and was given to me at my baby shower so ive had this item for about 3 months and i love it. ive used it a few times ive had the baby in my car. i love this item because it has a mirror where i can see the baby and how hes doing on the car ride.
The lights and the music is soothing to the baby and puts him right to sleep as soon as the car starts moving. I also love the fact that you can put in on a language setting were it speaks Spanish, French and English. It teaches the baby his shapes and colors.

I will post pictures of the items and the description to give you guys a little more information.
I hope you guys get to try the items listed above and enjoy them as much as i do.


* The Around the World Play Gym introduces baby to animals, sights, and sounds from 5 different regions of the world. The large, 34" mat features crisp, real-life imagery and animalsfrom Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and the Polar Regions and offers a whole world for baby to discover. Gym mat also has sewn-in loops for attaching extra toys. Marquee toy is a music & lights globe toy that plays melodies from the Baby Einstein World Music DVD and features lovable Baby Einstein characters around the globe. It also has soft loops around the edge to attach more toys. Music & lights globe is perfect for use on the play gym, in the crib, or on the go with baby! Additional toys include: - Panda chime toy - Soft Parrot with crinkle - Large baby-safe mirror - Spinning globe rattle ball - Animal Discovery Cards - Igloo shaped Teether - 8 links to attach more toys Mat is machine washable and folds easily to take anywhere.

* Lights, music, and colors entertain baby in the car or at home! The Baby Einstein caterpillar character introduces baby to colors in 3 languages. Can be used in the car for both rear-facing & forward-facing babies and attaches easily and securely to seats in most vehicles. Parents simply set turn-dial timer to desired play length and press the start button to keep baby entertained during the entire car ride.
For use at home in the crib too, with an extra-low volume option to provide baby lights & soft melodies at rest time.

Four modes of play- Lights & Melodies, Lights Only, Melodies Only, Colors
Introduces colors in English, Spanish, and French
Includes classical melodies and dancing lights
Attaches to most seats
Includes volume control

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